Within the framework of the project "Ruhani jangyru" a round table on the topic "Young professional"

On February 26, 2018 in the State Institution "Apparatus of akim of Dostyk rural district" within the framework of the project "Ruhani jangyru" held a round table on the topic "Young professional". The participants of the round table were the employees of the institution. In the framework of this topic, many questions were raised for discussion. The concept of "Young professional" was discussed in many ways. Discussed such questions as: "The concept of a young professional", "Who is a young professional?", "Who is he?", "What features does he have?", And "Advantages of a young professional". The question was raised at the expense of the employment of students who graduated from university. At the round table, all the participants expressed their opinion. For more detailed discussion, statistical materials were provided. The round table fully revealed the urgency of this topic. The answers to many questions concerning the topic "Young professional" were found.

Publication date :  3/27/2018