"The best reader"

On March 4, 2015 from 16:10 to 17:30 Department of Sociology and Social Work of Faculty of Philosophy and Political Science in the framework of the university project "100 books" held intellectual and cognitive game "The best reader" based on the novel of Ilias Esenberlin "Adamantine sword" of the trilogy "Nomads". Students of 2 and 3 degrees of "Sociology" and "Social Work" specialities attended. According to the results of the competition the team "Aktogan" won.
The aim of the competition is to awaken students’ patriotic, spiritual and moral feelings, learn to work in a team, engage in public work for celebration "The 550th anniversary of the Kazakh Khanate". The competition was held in the form of intellectual and cognitive game, the winners were presented with gifts.
It was organized by the Head of the Department of Sociology and Social Work, Professor Abdirayymova G.S., Professor Shedenova N.U., master student Baygereeva A.S.

Publication date :  3/12/2015