November 30 at the Faculty of Philosophy and Political Science, students of the course, specialty   “Social work” led by the curator Kylyshbaeva BibigulNauryzbaevna and undergraduates KayirhanovaAidana an event dedicated to one of the masterpieces of world literature, the works of Oscar Wilde – “ThePicture of Dorian Gray”. Words, words, mere words! Do you think in life there is at least something more real than words! With such motto of the audience held a stormy discussion of the book, which was followed by all sorts of exercise, implies a practice in the preparation of psychological portraits of friends. They discovered new facets. Students have learned that is necessary to appreciate the purity of  the soul and not to put the beauty at the forefront. To succumb to another’s influence is not very good, and that all decisions should be taken starting from the ideas of the soul.

Publication date :  12/20/2016