Participation in Family Day

Family Day was celebrated in the Gorky city park which was organized by the Department of Culture of municipality of Almaty citythe family institution in Kazakhstan and Central Asia and others on 13th of September 2015.

This grand-scale event was attended by more than 40 organizations and institutionswhich is the domain of the social, educational,psychological assistance to families and children.

The program of celebration of the family was very colorful and informative. Not only children but their parents, grandmothers and grandfathers gained a lot of useful information.

Most of the park (from the entrance to the playgroundwas divided into 10 zonesZones were comfortable and colorfully decoratedThere were conducted games for couplesraces, competitions for dads and sonsIndividual consultations with psychologiststherapists and mediatorswere also provided. There were also psychological trainingon such topics as "conflict resolution", "Communication in the family", "Secrets of the education of children.”

Teachers, students and undergraduates of the Department of General and Applied PsychologySociology and Social WorkPedagogy andEducational Management Faculty of philosophy and political science of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University were also participating in this event.

An associate professor of general and applied psychology mrs. Kabakova organized an exhibition of books on the topics of family andconducted career and psychological counseling for everyone. Most often sounding question were about teenage psychology and the problem of communication with teenagers.

Professor of the Department of Sociology and Social Work Mrs. Zhanazarova and Mrs. Nurbekova organized the work of volunteers from among students of 2-4 courses of the specialty "Sociology""Social Work""Psychology"which actively helped to play gamesrelay races, competitions

The head of Department of General and Applied Psychology mrs. Kalymbetova and assistant professor of pedagogy and educational management mrs. Shagyrbaeva  and students came to support his colleagues. 

Despite the vagaries of the weather, the holiday was held successfully. All the participants of the eventthe organizers and the visitors got a bigcharge of a positive and necessary experience to carry out such activities in the future.

Publication date :  12/8/2015