"100 kitap". Kutadgu bilik

    March 3, 2016 teachers of the department of philosophy Ә.N.Buhaev, G.Z.Abdrasilova, T.Barakbaeva within "100 Books" discussion organized poem Yusuf Balasaguni "Beneficial Knowledge" with second-year students of the Faculty of Chemistry. Student-Rapporteur, China ҚaliDәulen citizen, presented features and ease of use of direct recording, Ahmet Baitursynov compiled and used by the Kazakhs living in China to this day.


  Students discussed the author's understanding of the "Holy of knowledge" about the device world, four different elements, the twelve stars, the relationship between all four corners of the world set out in his work.

  In conclusion, it was summarized that the poem "Blessed knowledge" YusupBalasaguni - a masterpiece, written in the spirit of justice and humanity, and the author's ideal - a happy life in a society where the triumph of reason and justice, and the ruler of the country, contrasting his wisdom severe dark forces.

 At the end of the Kali student Daul has declared his poems.

Publication date :  3/17/2016