Social educational activity


The main objective of the educational work of the Department of Philosophy is the diversified development of the personality of a future competitive specialist, a citizen-patriot of the Republic of Kazakhstan, who has high culture, intelligence and social activity. The educational activities of the department are held within the framework of the projects “100 кітап”, “Грин кампус”, “Культ здорового тела”, “Айналаңды нұрландыр”. 7 advisers work at the department, 2 student clubs are functioning - “Малая Фарабиевская академия”, “Smart-cinema”). Students of the specialty "Philosophy" take an active part in the activities of republican and local youth organizations; in olympiads, projects, courses, promotions, sports competitions, in all сleaning-work ing days held by the city and university. For academic achievements and active participation in the public life of the department and the university, students are annually awarded sponsorship scholarships.

Name of the event Date Descirption and photo
100 кітап 17.04.2019

April 17, 2019 students of the faculty of physics and technology of the Kazakh national University. Al-Farabi and teacher of the Department of philosophy Yerzhanova A., within the framework of the project "100 books" was analyzed on the treatise of al-Farabi "On what should precede the study of philosophy".

100 кітап 4.04.2019

April 4, 2019 teacher of the Department of philosophy Zh. N. Bekenova in the framework of the project "100 books" held a discussion with the 2nd year students of the faculty of geography and nature specialty "geodesy and cartography" of the Kazakh national University.Al-Farabi treatises of the Great thinker of the middle ages al-Farabi "on the views of the virtuous city" During the discussion conducted a comparative analysis of the actual problems of today and with the views of the Great Thinker.

100 book 30.11.19

Students of the faculty of philosophy and political science of the Kazakh national University. Al-Farabi and teacher of the Department of philosophy Bekenova Zh., within the framework of the project "100 books" was analyzed on the work of the West European medieval philosopher A. Augustine "City of God". Through the analysis, students became acquainted with Christian theology and its features.

Visit to the Opera and ballet theatre 14.11.2019

First-year students of the specialty "Philosophy" and professors of the Department of philosophy visited the Abai Opera and ballet theater and watched the play "the Barber of Seville". They got huge specialline from the meeting with a wonderful and expanded their knowledge on the philosophy of the Renaissance.


 Curator hour  29.10.2018

Curator hour.

A training seminar "Zhas Otbasy" for the I-st year students of the specialty "Philosophy" was held on 29.10.2018 within the curatorial hour to discuss the issues of formation of the image of a young family, conscious parenthood, promotion of traditional family values. Problems of responsibility and role of the family in human life; demographic (by structure: full and incomplete families), socio-cultural (parents' literacy level, role in public life) and socio-economic (property, subsistence minimum) aspects of the family were discussed.







Hike in the Kim
Asar tract
Head of the Philosophy Department of Nuryshev G.Zh., teachers of the department Erzhanova A., Bekenova Zh. 
Together with the 1st year students of the specialty "Philosophy" made a trip to the Kim Asar tract.

The guys got an unforgettable experience of relaxing in the fresh air!






A meeting with the champion of the Olympic games in Sydney


Small Farabi Academy and students of the 4th course of a specialty "Philosophy" held a meeting with the champion of the Olympic games in Sidney Ermakhan Ibraimov. They had a meaningful and helpful conversation within a program article of President of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev "Looking to the future: the modernization of public consciousness". Not only an excellent athlete and public figure, but also a good erudite Ermakhan Ibraimov told in detail about his way in sports, about becoming a person and personality, answered numerous questions of youth. The Department of Philosophy thanked him and gave a few interesting books on philosophy. Good luck to you, glorious son of the Kazakh people!

Meeting of the "Club of philosophical meetings"


The guest of the regular meeting of the "Club of philosophical meetings" of the Department of philosophy was the famous philosopher Kapyshev A. B. The interesting conversation was held on the topic of the relationship between material and spiritual in the universe. Students, undergraduates and PhD students of the Department received comprehensive answers to their questions.

 The World philosophy Day


There is a tradition of the Department of Philosophy to celebrate World Philosophy Day with special events. This year it was dedicated to the presentation of the translation into the Kazakh language the book of the famous scientist-philosopher O. A. Segizbayev "History of the Kazakh philosophy". The meeting which brought together well-known philosophers, young people, teachers and relatives of the scientist, was very interesting and informative.

 The meeting with nomadism researcher


November 3, 2017, in a Small Farabi Academy of the Department of philosophy held a meeting with the candidate of philosophical Sciences, nomadism researcher N. Amrekulov. The scientist gave a lecture on "the philosophy of the nomads". In the discussion, the lecture was attended students, undergraduates, PhD students and teachers of the Department.

 Trip to natural boundary Medeu and Shymbulak

29 Oct 2017 students, undergraduate students, Phd students and teachers of the Department of philosophy made a trip to natural boundary Medeu and Shymbulak. The journey was lovely, very helpful and remembered for a long time!

 A visit to the Museum of art named after A. Kasteev  26.10.2017


The students of the specialty "Philosophy" visited the Museum of art named after A. Kasteev. They got acquainted with the works of A. Kasteev, G. Ismailova, A. Galimbaeva, S. Mambeev, Sh. Sariyev, J. Shardenov, E. Lizogub and other artists, as well as to the main trends in Kazakh painting. The students analyzed each piece and had a great experience.

 Day of languages of RK,




21At the 21-st of September 2017 year the Department of Philosophy held an event devoted to Day of languages of RK, which was the active participation of the students of all courses. Especially informative were the reports of students of the 1-st course Kusaynova Aknazik, Mirza Yernat, the 3-rd year students Mirzagulov Ramazan, Jarylkasyn Bekkali, the 4-th year students Meyrambekova Aiym and senior lecturer, PhD, who wons 4 languages Nazgul Kudaybergenova.

"Introduction to myself" 04/18/2016.

04/18/2016. The head of SLS HOMO Associate Professor G.H. Myamesheva held the training workshop "Introduction to myself" at the invitation of Scientific Student Society Department of Geography and Environmental Sciences 1 lecture hall of geological faculty from 14.20 to17.15., which was attended by students of the Faculty of Geography and Environmental Sciences, Chemical and Physico-Technical Faculty.

"The cult of healthy body" 04.08.2016 04.08.2016, within the framework of the project "The cult of healthy body" Department of Philosophy held an event to promote a healthy lifestyle, inviting experts KazNMU named after S.D. Asfendiyarov. During the lecture on the topic "Smoking mixes JWH» a documentary film about the dangers and consequences of synthetic drugs.

    Students received answers to their questions.

    Organizer - Amirkulova Zh.A.

"The cult of a healthy body" March 4, 2016,  Within the framework of the project "The cult of a healthy body" in connection with the spread of SARS, avian and swine flu teachers of the faculty of philosophy with the students of the Faculty of Physics and Technology conducted outreach lecture. Formatsevt-specialist Myrzakhmetova Nazerke Asemzhanovna lectured and gave a recommendation on the prevention and treatment of influenza.

 Organizers: Nurysheva G.Zh., Syrgakbaeva A.S., Barakbaeva T.A., Dagzhan Zh.


"Green Campus" March 10, 2016     March 10, 2016, students of the Kazakh branch of the 3rd year in "Philosophy" specialty as well as 2nd year Master students organized the collection of waste paper in the framework of the project "Green Campus" and contributed to the preservation of the environment.

    Тhe event was led by the head of the department Nurysheva G., Deputy Head Amirkulova Zh., Ramazanovа A. and Konaeva G.M.

"Religion and the youth" Fevruary 17, 2016     Fevruary 17, 2016 Department of Philosophy Faculty of Philosophy and Political Science in the framework of the project "Aynalandy nurlandyr" held a roundtable on "Religion and the youth".

The guests of the round table the head of religious studies department, the Institute of Philosophy, Political Science and Religious Studies SC MES RK, Doctor of Philosophy B.M.Satershinov.

       Organizer: P.M. Suleymenov.

Smart Cinema 2January 28, 2016

January 28, 2016 The fifth in this academic year, the program of the club event "Smart Cinema". It was devoted to the theme "Bible Stories" (securing concept "Faith and superstition", the integration of the subject of history, literature, religion).

For students of the International School of Almaty, the school gymnasium №1 and school "Miras" was shown the film "Noah", 2013 (US), based on the Old Testament story and ancient myths and dedicated to the well-known prophet Noah.

In their opening remarks the leading Cinema Club, an assistant professor of philosophy Boretsky O.M. and literature teacher Titov L. stressed the importance of environmental and ethical categories in the development of the individual, cultural and historical role of mythology and religion. Particular emphasis was placed on the concepts of forgiveness and testing. As a result of the show, students will write an essay with the evaluation and reflection of the film.


The creative heritage of Nietzsche "On the future of our educational institutions. 3.12.15

Under the project, the rector of the "100 Kitap" Department of Philosophy held 03.12.2015 at 16.00 in the auditorium of the Faculty of Journalism 212 cultural and educational event dedicated to the creative heritage of Nietzsche "On the future of our educational institutions."

Organizers of the event: Dr., Professor G.Zh. Nurysheva, Dr., Associate Professor Yedilbayeva S.Z.

In the discussion that took place in a creative atmosphere, were:

Head of the Department of Philosophy, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor G.J. Nurysheva. She emphasized the huge role of reading. By reading the works of philosophers, we can incorporate their ideas, learn new things, expand horizons and enrich vocabulary.

About the biographies and works of famous philosopher told 2nd year students Kairat T., Lim A., Abirbek C.

On the basic conceptual ideas of the works of Friedrich Nietzsche, "On the future of our educational institutions" 2nd year students Krasikova V., Abdumanapova D., Pak R., Kabdykenov R., Danilin N., V. Rusakova et al. Nietzsche believes that real education is not possible without the study of classical literature and ancient philosophy and ancient Greek art.

Active participation in the discussion was all 2nd year students of the Faculty of Journalism. They discussed with interest the criticism of Nietzsche, education, language and contemporary journalism. It is relevant to the modern ideas of Nietzsche about the importance of the native language and the humanities for a true education.

Summed up the discussion Yedilbayeva S.Z. Analysis of Nietzsche's works demonstrate the relevance of Nietzsche's criticism of Education. She wished future journalists to read more classical and modern philosophy. 








Seminar in the "Zhastar Uyi"
11 March 2015

Philosophy department tutor A.B.Abilkalamova conducted a seminar in the Adaptation and Support Centre for the Alumni of Social Institutions of Almaty "Zhastar Uyi". The seminar was conducted in a format of philosophical thinking training session, and aroused a keen interest of the audience.

Scholarships awards 23 February 2015

On 23 of February 2015, at the rectorate the scholarships for the total amount of 1 mln and 100 thousand tenge were awarded to the best undergraduate and masters students with specialization in Philosophy.

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December event - a prereguisite for independence 9 Decemebr 2014

"Small Academy of Farabi", organized on Tuesday, December 9 hours 12: 0 in the conference room of 123 university students of patriotism, patriotic properties, Kazakh youth to understand the price of independence, "December event – a prerequisite for independence "held a round table meeting.

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"100" books" . Zhүz zhyldyk Mahabbat
6 December 2014

December 6, 2014 in the framework of the project "100 books" teachers, students and graduate students of the philosophy department attended a performance in the Drama Theatre of M.Auezov called "Zhүz zhyldyk Mahabbat" dedicated to the life and work of Kazakh poet Magzhan Zhumabaeva.

Responsible persons: Head of Department Dr. Prof. Nurysheva G.Zh., teachers of the department of philosophy: Ramazanova A.K., Dzhaambaeva B.A., Barakbaeva T.A., Dagzhan Zh.


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Тhe house-museum of Mukhtar Auezov
25 October 2014

Within the framework of the project "100 books" students of the philosophy department have visited the house-museum of the famous Kazakh writer Mukhtar Auezov. During the tour, the students received new and interesting information about the life of a writer and his creativity, as well as a talk and discussed the epic novel "Абай жолы".

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The House Veterans
21 October 2014

The 21 of October, 2014 at 11.00 a.m. The Department of Philosophy on the frame of the innovative project «Ainalandy nurlandyr» together with undergraduate students of specialty «Philosophy» and «Journalism» vosited to the Veterans’ House of Almaty a festive event dedicated to the Day of Elderly Person. The purpose of the event - to give students keep our rich culture and traditions, education patriotic feelings for the country and respect for the elderly. During the event, students prepared a concert, where they performed well-known songs and dances. At the end of the festive event veterans expressed their appreciation for the attention given to them, and was told a lot of good wishes and parting words.  


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"100" books" . Тhe works of Confucianis "Lun lui». 14 October 2014

Department of Philosophy October 14, 2014 at the aud within the project "100 book" held an event dedicated to the works of Confucianis "Lun lui».

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