Doсument Review
1 Academic Policy of KazNU 1.1.pdf
2 State license 2.1.pdf
3 Appendix to the Licence Bachelor 5B020100 Philosоphy Appendix to the License 5B020100.pdf
 4 Appendix to the Licence Master 6M020100 Philosоphy  Appendix to the License 6M020100.pdf
5 Appendix to the Licence Doctor 6D020100 Philosоphy Appendx to the License 6D020100.pdf
6 Core Curriculum Speciality Bachelor 5B020100 Philosоphy Core curriculum specialty 5B020100.pdf
7 Core Curriculum Speciality Master 6M020100 Philosоphy Core curriculum specialty 6M 020100.pdf
8 Core Curriculum Speciality PhD 6D020100 Philosоphy Core curriculum specialty 6D020100.pdf

Certificate ACQUIN specialty Bachelor 5B020100 Philosоphy

 Acquin Bachelor.pdf
Certificate ACQUIN specialty Master 6M020100 Philosоphy  Acquin Master.pdf
 11 Certificate ACQUIN specialty Doctor 6D020100 Philosоphy  Acquin Doctor.pdf