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Kazarian Art Center



Kazarian Art Center is one of the largest galleries in Kazakhstan. It is a platform for various art exhibitions and events. The Art Center began its work in November 2015, thus filling in the lack of large exhibition spaces and expanding the geography of active art in Almaty.

The space of the Art Center consists of gallery halls located in three levels as well as the creative studio (Kazarian Art Studio) for children and adults where famous Kazakh artists conduct classes on ceramics, drawing and painting and other creative subjects. Kazarian Art Center also acts as organizer of national and international art events. Thus, in 2017, with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan, we have organized and held the First Eurasian Sculptural Biennial in Astana within the framework of the cultural program EXPO-2017.

Kazarian Art Center gallery presents a wide selection of works by Kazakhstani and foreign artists, sculptors, photographers, from Art Nouveau to Contemporary art. We exhibit both classical and conceptual art, from monumental to small-scale artworks.

The goal of students’ practice of students al-Farabi KazNU at Kazarian Art Center was to provide the grounds for creating professional competencies for the trainees to work as social managers, and to provide the opportunity to gain practical experience in our field.

Students were directly involved in the activities of the Kazarian Art Center which helped them to consolidate their theoretical knowledge with their major and minor disciplines. The practical skills acquired by the students will be useful in any organizational activity in their future career. The trainees also had the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills in philosophy of personality, aesthetics, ethics, social anthropology, logic, rhetoric to preparation of exhibitions, lectures, presentations and discussion sites in accordance with their curriculum and the training program.

The Association for Ecology and Culture of the Peoples of Kazakhstan "Golden Age"

The Association for Ecology and Culture of the Peoples of Kazakhstan "Golden Age" deals with issues of culture, art, and literature.

The main goal of the association is to support and promote the development of innovative intellectual activity among the creative intelligentsia of Kazakhstan.

The subject of the association's activity is organization of seminars, round tables, conferences, lectures on problems in contemporary culture and modern thinking, understanding of the national cultural heritage through modern cultural thought, publishing books and magazines, and analyzing cultural priorities in Kazakhstan.

In 2017, the students of the Philosophy Faculty of the al-Farabi treasury took part in the activities of the association. They participated in the creation of the philosophical magazine "Tamyr and also helped to organize a poetry evening in Almaty. The Association expresses its gratitude to the faculty and the department of philosophy and readiness for further cooperation.

Secretariat of the City of Almaty of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan, MSI "Kokamdyk kelіsim" of the apparatus of akim of the city of Almaty.

The municipal state institution "Kokamdyk kelisim" of the apparatus of akim of Almaty city was established on 01.08.2014. 34 ethno-cultural associations operate in the city. The main goals of the activity of ethnocultural associations are to support and develop national customs, traditions of ethnic groups, national languages and culture.

The Scientific Expert Group (SEG) under the APK of Almaty is a permanent advisory and analytical body at the Assembly of the Peoples of Kazakhstan in Almaty. SEG was established in March 2012 on the basis of the Institute of Philosophy, Political Science and Religious Studies of the Science Committee of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The SEG consists of political scientists, historians, philosophers, sociologists of leading research institutes and public universities in Almaty, engaged in research in the field of interethnic relations of Kazakhstan society, as well as heads of ethno-cultural associations (ECA) in Almaty.

The main tasks of the Scientific Expert Group are:

comprehensive expert assessment of ethno-political trends, socio-economic and religious development in Almaty, forecasting the development of these processes in the city, country and the world;

scientific and expert support for the activities of the APK in Almaty in the current areas of ethnopolitics;

coordination of research work in the field of inter-ethnic and inter-confessional relations;

promote the strengthening of the role of the Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan as a political and civil institution in strengthening the unity of Kazakhstan's society, improving the Kazakhstan model of interethnic and inter-religious harmony, achieving national unity.

The activity of the SEG at the Assembly of the Peoples of Kazakhstan in Almaty, first of all, is aimed at researching the state of interethnic relations in Almaty and developing scientific and practical recommendations aimed at strengthening stability in the country's largest metropolitan area.

At the initiative of the Scientific Expert Group, in conjunction with the APK Secretariat and MSI "Kokamdyk Kelisim", the staff of the akim of Almaty city holds meetings: with working and student youth, in schools, lyceums, colleges, military educational institutions, recruiting points of military registration and enlistment offices, factories and production facilities. The SEG is active in communicating with the media and television, publishing and giving interviews about the tasks of the APK in the light of the Kazakhstan-2050 Strategy and the Plan of the Nation "100 concrete steps to implement 5 institutional reforms" and the aims of the conducted ethno-cultural events.

Since 2016 MSI " Kokamdyk kelіsіm" Almaty city akim is the basis of production practice of students of the Department of Philosophy of the Kazakh National University. Al-Farabi. Students - philosophers are attached to the real and lively work of the departments of MSI "Kokamdyk kelіsim", form the professional competence of "media educator, specialist in the field of media education".