"100 kitap". Al-Farabi

      February 13, 2016 at the Chemistry Department of the Department of Philosophy
 Teachers Abdrasilova G, Barakbaeva T., A. Buchayev, J. Dagzhan in the framework of the
 program "100 books" discussion organized treatise al-Farabi. Looks residents virtuous
 city "with the participation of second-year students of the Kazakh branch.The discussion
revealed the historical and social, spiritual and cultural preconditions of creativity
 "Second Teacher" and the main parameters of the ideal state - the city - dreams the great
 thinker. Participants of the meeting noted the importance of the great thinker's ideas – the
 "Aristotle of the East" for the modern society, the implementation of "El Mangilik" project.

Publication date :  2/16/2016