Social educational activity

Department of Recreational Geography and Tourism carries out large and fruitful work with the students. Student's life at the Department is different intensity, activity and, due to creative work of teaching staff will forever remain in the memory of our students.

Only the Department of Recreational Geography and Tourism arranges a number of unique traditional events for students and teachers. Annually we celebrate World Tourism Day (September 27) and dedicate to Students new freshmen students that entered to the Department. The birthday of the Department, 1-st December, is the next important day for the teachers and students.

Students participate actively in the workshop "Mountain Climbing", student's scientific circle "Tourist". It was the students who initiated the organization of the Club of Tourism and Sports "Zhas Tour" (2010), the First Student Travel Agency "Youth Travel" (2012).

Interesting and varied student's life of Bachelor and Master Programs who rparticipate field studies and internships in hospitality enterprises at home and abroad.

17 persons (3-rd year students-undergraduates) during international internship-2011 visited five European countries (Greece, Spain, France, Italy, Monaco), participated in the seminar on hotel management and operation organized by the Spanish Tour Operator "TerramarTour". 10 persons 3-rd year students passed summer internships-2011 in the hotels «Aldeman Knossos Royal» (Athens, Greece), "King Saron" (Heraklion, Greece). 2 graduates (Master Program) passed summer schools in Cyprus (Turkey, Greece), 12 graduates (Master Program) participated in school practice in Hungary at Janos Kodolani University of Applied Sciences. (Szekesfehervar, Hungary). 25 undergraduates (1-4 year students) took part the summer internship from May to September 2012 in Side City (Turkey) at the five-stars hotel "SunRise" in the three-way agreement between Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Gazi University (Turkey) and the Hotel "SunRise"