Chair history

History of the Department

Department of Computer Science was organized in November 2001. The first head of the department became doctor of physical-mathematical sciences, professor Balakayeva GT, from 2006 to 2009. - Head of the Department was Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Shmygaleva TA, from 2009 to 2012 - Doctor of Technical Sciences Ahmed Zaki D.Zh., from 2009 to 2012 - Urmashev B.A., from 2012. the present head of the department - Imankulov T.S.

The department carries out preparation of bachelors in the following specialties: 5B060200 computer science, 5B070400 6M070400 -Computer science and software engineering, 5B011100 computer science; masters in the field: 6M060200 Computer Science, 6M070400 -Computer science and software engineering; PhD doctors in specialties: 6D060200 Computer science, 6D075100 - Computer science, computer engineering and management. Department of Computer Science among the first in Kazakhstan began working on an educational training program for doctors of philosophy (PhD) in computer science. In 2008 the first graduates of PhD-Doctors of Science.

At the undergraduate computer science department, the following areas of study: theory algorithms and software development, organization of parallel computations; Web technology, database theory, Information security of computer systems and networks, software development for the social sphere, creation of software with a link to the equipment for technological tasks. Graduates of the department have the opportunity to continue their education at the master's program.

In the scientific and pedagogical master's degree Computer Science undergraduates are offered three educational programs: Theoretical Computer Science, High Performance Computing, Information Security Systems and Networks.

The department holds scientific and scientific-methodological seminar "Actual problems of computer science," which discusses the research faculty, PhD doctoral and masters in the field of advanced information technologies related to object-oriented, systematic and structured programming, algorithms and data structuring, networking, parallel processing, reliability and fault tolerance of computer systems, real-time systems, Web design

In the field of networking and communications technology department of computer science working withRegional / Local Networking Academy Cisco, a few teachers of the department are certified instructors of the Academy Cisco. Department of Informatics students can enroll in the on-line by the International Program Cisco Networking Academy and become certified.

Since 2003, the Department of Computer Science at the base of Mechanics and Mathematics Department holds the World Cup quarter-finals of the programming team of Kazakhstan. Every year in the league in Kazakhstan attended by over 80 teams (over 240) of all the leading universities of the country.