Social Educational Activity

Of particular importance in shaping the individual has his public activities, active participation in which develops a sense of responsibility, contributes to the development of organization, persistence, communication skills, ability to work with a team that has great significance in the era of collective work in the office and in production. Social activities like no other, in the person develops the ability to influence people to understand their desire to control them, the ability to adapt to the life that surrounds it. In other words, to form personality greatly influenced not only the amount of accumulated expertise, and social activities. Personality is not possible outside of social activity and communication. Personality of a person is born, he is in the process of its activities.

The department of computer science has all the opportunities not only to obtain basic professional knowledge, but also to engage in social activities. In the department of trade union organization composed almost all the students. The objectives of this organization is primarily to protect the interests of students, organization of their leisure time. The active participation of students in the organization and is the school of identity formation, as discussed above.