Stop Coronavirus!


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KazNU’s developments based on the results of the online competition «Stop-coronavirus» will be sent to the Government

The «Stop-Coronavirus» competition was organized and conducted by the JSC «Science Foundation» in order to find effective solutions to prevent the pandemic and overcome its consequences. Scientists of Al-Farabi KazNU also presented their proposals to combat the coronavirus.

The contest was held online from April 13 to 15 this year with a broadcast on the Facebook social network on the educational platform BILIM PLUS

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Among the 39 projects that are selected for the final, according to the decision of the jury and the results of people’s online voting, the highest ratings were also awarded to the developments presented by scientists of KazNU on prophylaxis and prevention of the spread of coronavirus infection.

According to the jury, KazNU’s projects that are devoted to the create hand protection products from biodegradable material, create an antiviral drug, produce disinfectant detergents, obtain new immunostimulators, and produce a skin antiseptic with chamomile extract, have a high degree of efficiency and readiness for implementation. Therefore, along with all the projects that have been presented in the final, they are recommended for consideration by the Government, as well as interested investors.

The project «Obtaining New Immunostimulators for Protection Against Coronavirus Based on Cyanobacteria Spirulina Platensis Biomass and its Various Combinations with Useful Plants» under the leadership of Professor B.K. Zayadan, which was among the winners of the competition according to the results of the jury evaluation, also was among the «people’s» TOP list projects, with the highest number of votes - 653. The essence of the project is to develop a technology for obtaining new immunostimulators with antibacterial, antiviral, probiotic and antioxidant properties based on cyanobacteria biomass and its various combinations with useful plants to protect against coronavirus.

According to the results of the competition, JSC «Science Foundation» together with interested parties will work on further promotion and practical implementation of the received proposals.