Special Video Releases: World Experts on COVID-19


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The Faculty of Medicine and Health Care of Al-Farabi KazNU, jointly with leading pulmonologists, virologists, and epidemiologists from Canada (McGill University) and Germany (Philippe University in Marburg), prepared a series of video sessions and video interviews with leading foreign experts on the experience of preventing the spread, diagnosis and treatment of coronavirus.

The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has revealed an urgent need for the timely exchange of practical experience and the latest scientific and technological developments between countries. We present to your attention the first video on the topic «Comparison of COVID-19 pandemic and N1H1 2009», which can be viewed at this link:


The next video issues will be devoted to such topics as: «COVID-19 and the pediatric patient», «Immunity with COVID-19», «When does quarantine begin to help? Regression analysis on the example of China, Germany, Canada and other countries», «Comparison of the diagnostic and treatment protocols of COVID-19 between leading clinics in Germany, Canada and the USA», «Recommendations for doctors and nurses to reduce the risk of morbidity», «Features of respiratory distress syndrome with COVID-19».

The video materials are available on the website kaznu.kz and accounts of KazNU in social networks.