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The Department of Health Policy and Management of Al-Farabi KazNU does not stand by in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic and helped colleagues with masks sewn by their own hands.

In the first days of the quarantine, when there was a lack of personal protective equipment, the staff of the Department, led by the Head of the Department, Professor G.Zh.Kapanova, have launched an initiative – to provide colleagues with masks. They have bought gauze, cotton and other necessary components with their own funds, brought a sewing machine and the Department was turned into a mini workshop for several days for sewing of reusable masks.

The staff of the Department have decided not to stop in this, and collected and distributed for colleagues packages with disinfectants, household soap, gloves and masks, which were made by themselves. Their volunteer initiative and assistance have been accepted with great gratitude.

The Department of Health Policy and Management believe that if everyone can contribute to the fight against coronavirus, together we will defeat the infection and return to normal life.