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The Panel Section «Strategy for the Excellence of Higher Education: Research, Education and Social Responsibility» was held at Al-Farabi KazNU in the framework of the Global University Summit aimed at improving the competitiveness of domestic higher education and the export potential of educational services.

The speakers highlighted that the state program for the development of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2011-2020 set a goal to provide all students in the country with quality education. Particular attention was paid to raising the status of personnel for introducing the domestic education system into the global educational space, ensuring the development of their professional qualifications, and increasing state support and incentives. Therefore, today, society involves the preparation of competent, socially responsible and competitive specialists who possess the skills of research activities of modern technologies that meet the requirements of the world labor market.

Almas Moldakanov, Microsoft Enterprise Development Manager in Kazakhstan, made a report on the transformational structure in higher education. According to him, in the era of rapid development of modern science and technology, every inhabitant of the world will exchange information using new technologies. «In this regard, the main goal of Microsoft is to achieve great goals for every person and organization. The company has always updated programs for users that are directly related to the transformational structure for the exchange of information and education», - A. Moldakanov said.

Representatives of leading world universities participating in the panel section along with domestic scientists exchanged views on the latest aspects of improving research and educational activities at the University.