Department of General Physics (1986-1994)

From 1976-1979 The department of general physics and methods of teaching physics was led by an assistant professor. S.P. Pak, and since 1979, one of the first students of Professor L.A. Vulis, prof. S.I.Isataev In 1986, the department of the methodology of teaching physics was separated from the department and the department was returned to its former name - the department of general physics.
 Isataev Sovet Isataevich  

Isataev Sovet Isataevich - candidate of physical and mathematical sciences Sciences, Professor, Honorary Head of the Department of Thermophysics, member of the Academic Council of the Faculty of Physics. An excellent student of higher education in the USSR, a participant in the Great Patriotic War labor front, has received the Algys Hat award in connection with the 10th anniversary of Kazakhstan's independence. He reads general and special courses “Mechanics”, “Theory of Wing”, “Selected Heads of Mechanics”, “Methods of Thermophysical Calculations”, “Methods of Designing Laboratory and Research Facilities in Thermophysics”, supervises the final works of students and master's theses. Research interests: hydroaerodynamics and convective heat transfer, study of the development of turbulence in jet streams and boundary layer, hydrodynamics and heat transfer during flow around surfaces. Under the guidance of Professor S.I.Isatayev, a system of hot-wire anemometric devices for measuring the turbulent characteristics of flows was developed, which was introduced in more than 20 scientific institutions of the USSR Academy of Sciences. A set of 11 laboratory facilities in molecular physics was also developed, which is produced by the EPC KazNU named after al-Farabi at the request of universities in Kazakhstan.