Department of Thermophysics and Molecular Physics (1994-2010)

In 1994, two departments related to the profile: the Department of Physical Hydrodynamics and the Department of Thermophysics were combined into one department of Thermophysics and Molecular Physics, which also included part of the teachers and employees of the Department of General Physics. The head was appointed prof. S.I. Isatayev. 
 Department of Thermophysics and Molecular Physics in 1996  
   Since 2002, the department was headed by Professor A.S. Askarova. The main direction of scientific research of the department is the physics of thermal and molecular phenomena. Teachers and researchers of the department are engaged in theoretical and experimental studies of aerodynamics and heat and mass transfer of laminar and turbulent flows, diffusion and thermal conductivity phenomena of one and many component gases and liquids in isothermal and non-isothermal conditions, studying the laws of combustion processes and their practical applications
 Askarova Alia Sandybayevna  
 In November 2002, in connection with the transfer of A.S. Askarova to the vacated post of dean of the Faculty of Physics, the head of the department was appointed associate professor I.V. Loktionova, continuing the best traditions of the department. 
   Loktionova Irina Vladimirovna - candidate of physical and mathematical sciences sciences, associate professor, head of the department of thermophysics, member of the Academic Council of the Faculty of Physics, scientific secretary of the Dissertation Council D 14 A.01.11, secretary of the expert commission of the KazNU on the award of the academic title "Associate Professor", academic titles "Associate Professor of KazNU", "Professor of KazNU". Research interests: numerical modeling of turbulent flows, turbulent combustion of gases. He has over 150 scientific publications.
 Loktionova Irina Vladimirovna