Department of Thermophysics and Technical Physics (2011-present)

 In 2011, the Department of Thermophysics, Standardization and Metrology was renamed the Department of Thermophysics and Technical Physics, which is headed by S. Bolegenova. 
 Bolegenova S.A. - Doctor of physico-mathematical sciences, professor, scholarship holder of the State scholarship of the Republic of Kazakhstan for talented young scientists. Winner of the grant "The best teacher of the university" - 2007. He teaches general and special courses: "Numerical methods of thermophysics", "Physics of combustion and explosion", "Physics of reacting systems", "Thermophysics of rheological liquids", "Thermophysics of conductive media", supervises theses students and master's theses. Research interests: numerical modeling of turbulent flows, turbulent combustion of gases. He has over 100 scientific publications.
 Bolegenova Saltanat Alikhanovna  
   The main direction of scientific research of the department is the physics of thermal and molecular phenomena. Lecturers and researchers of the department are engaged in theoretical and experimental studies of aerodynamics and heat and mass transfer of laminar and turbulent flows, diffusion and heat conduction phenomena of single and multicomponent gases and liquids in isothermal and nonisothermal conditions, studying the laws of combustion processes and their practical applications.
 The staff of the Department of Thermophysics and Technical Physics