Al-Farabi Kazakh National University holds VI International Farabi Readings 2-12 April, 2019. 

Major scientific events designed to unite the efforts of Kazakhstani and foreign scientists in solving existing problems in the development of society, the state and individuals are to be held within the framework of the International Farabi Readings.

Scientists, teachers and students of universities and scientific institutions of Kazakhstan and abroad alike are to partake in the Readings.                                                                         

In the program:

2-3 April - VI International Forum "Al-Farabi and modernity";
April 4-6 - International Scientific and Practical Conference "The result of international research of Botay culture and other Central Asian anatolian monuments";
9-10 April - International scientific-practical conference "Kazakhstan in the multitude of world: economic scenarios";
April 8-10 - International Scientific Conference of Students and Young Scientists "Farabi's World";
April 12 - Closing Ceremony of the VI International Farabi Seminars.

Date and place of carrying out: Scientific library of al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Almaty, 2 April at 10:00.