Сode of honor


At the 413 lecture hall was held curator’s hour with group 1903 which the purpose was acquaintance with " Al and Big Data "on 5 th of September, 2019.


On the participation of employees of the Department of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data of the Faculty of Information Technology in the QS Worldwide forum on September 19, 2019


The QS Open Clinic “Universities and Sustainable Development: From Vision to Implementation” section, moderator Vlastemil Samek, was delivered by Professor Yoo Chang Dong, Director of the Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, KAIST, Republic of Korea. Korea Advanced Technology Institute - South Korea's leading academic and research university. 


Helping to orphans


February 3 at the Kazakh national University.Al-Farabi in the group 18-7 specialty automation and control held an open educational hour "Gem KREN Geba jer" the orphanage "Amanat". During the open educational hour students found a common language with children.
"Gem crse Geba gr". It is no secret that the word" orphan " refers to the Kazakh people, but is currently one of the most pressing problems in society. In Kazakhstan, despite the age of "orphanhood", the problem is complicated. Therefore, children left without parental care, it is necessary to draw the attention of society to the education of youth a sense of mercy, spiritual education of the younger generation in distress, as well as children left without parental care. We visited the orphanage "AMANAT". 

Organizer: senior curator of the Department of artificial intelligence and Big Data Tlety Sh. T