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Faculty of Information Technology

Department of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data

Program prepares students for the career in automation with an emphasis on business processes analysis and automation for human friendly environment setting. Typical goals of such automation are increasing human comfort, reducing company overheads and operational costs.


Program graduates will be equipped to engage into the design and analysis of automation systems, building business cases for automation projects, effectively apply Big Data and machine learning tools.


Successful applicant has knowledge of school level mathematics and physics on the level above average and is be able to solve problems independently. In the first- and the second-year students will learn essential skills, such as programming, electronics and mathematics. Starting from the third year, students can go deeper into one or more areas of automation or receive a minor degree in the subject offered by the University.

Most of the classes are practice oriented and require working with physical equipment. More detailed information about the program and its classes is presented in the following files:

Educational program

07113 - Intelligent control systems


• Internet of Things

• Smart technologies

• Big Data

• Cloud technologies

• Artificial Intelligence


Our employers

• RSE "Institute of Information and Computing Technologies" KN MES RK

• JSC NC "KazMunayGas"

• Kazakhtelecom JSC

• Siemens Kazakhstan LLP

• LLP "InterGas Central Asia"

• LLP "Suntelcity"

Association of Innovative Companies (AIC) FEZ "PIT"

• LLP "Technopark Alatau"

• LLP "Camozzi Pneumatic Kazakhstan"

• Philip Morris Kazakhstan LLP

• Kazakhmys Corporation LLP

• LLP "Alem Research"

• LLP “Almaty A.I. Lab "


Partner universities:

• New York State University, USA

• Higher Engineering Institute of Lisbon, Portugal

• Novosibirsk State Technical University, Russia

• St. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics, Russia

• Technical University "Lublin Polytechnic", Poland

• University of Porto, Portugal

• University of Lisbon, Portugal

• University of Stuttgart, Germany

• University of Uninettuno, Italy

• University of West Attica, Greece

• University of Vigo, Spain

• KAIST University, South Korea


Accreditation Leading positions in national ratings

International accreditation of ASIIN agency (Germany), Independent Agency for Accreditation and Rating (IAAR), Independent Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (NAOKO)


Education area

6В07 – Инженерные, обрабатывающие и строительные отрасли 

Direction of training:

6В071 – Engineering and Engineering 

Group of educational programs:

В063 – Electrical Engineering and Automation 

Name of the educational program:

6В07113 – 6В07113 - Intelligent control systems


The purpose of the educational program

Providing high-quality training of competitive specialists in the design, implementation and use of modern intellectualized IoT devices, design and maintenance of software for IoT devices, management and intellectualization of existing automated technological processes in industry, small and medium-sized businesses.


Objects of professional activity


• Existing automated management systems of enterprises and firms;

• technological processes using multi-level network microcontrollers and knowledge bases;

• IoT in a smart city, building; wireless IoT devices;

• architecture of wireless networks and collective IoT systems;

• cloud platforms for knowledge bases and Big Data;

• machine-to-machine interaction (collective robots);

• data analysis in internet marketing;

• IoT security in audio-video surveillance;


Sphere of professional activity


• Technological processes using multilevel network microcontrollers;

• Intellectualization of automated technological processes in industry and business;

• Design of devices for the Internet of Things - IoT in industry and everyday life;

• Application of cloud computing for Big Data analysis;

• Data analysis in Internet marketing;


Our partners:

• IT Academy Microsoft;

• Cisco Academy;

• Oracle Academy;

• Educational platform Coursera;

• Siemens laboratory.



• Laboratory of industrial controllers Siemens

• CISCO Networking Academy Laboratory

• IT Academy (Microsoft, Oracle)

• HP Lab

• National Instruments laboratory




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