KazNU ART-Center


KazNU ART-Center is a starting point for the development and improvement of the students’ creative potential, a place for cultural activities.

Objectives of the Center: to attract students’ attention and stimulate them to develop their creative potential; to improve the quality of the university's cultural environment; to support the initiatives of young creative students; to carry out activities at various levels.

  • ·         10 university-wide clubs of different directions: 
  1.  "Farabi Sazy" the orchestra of folk instruments was founded in 1997.
  2. "Bakhyt"there are England; soloist of the state ensemble "Gulder". Dance group "Bakhyt "is a multiple winner of the Republican competition event
  3. Dombra" and "Kobyz" clubsombra club includes 80
  4. "Vocal" and "Estrada" clubs
  5. "BIZ"staging performances of "Adaspandar!" ("Do not get lost!"), "Bagdarsham" ("Traffic Light"), "Toi" ("Wedding"), "Keshirіn
  6. KVN (Club of the Funny and Inventive People) It is a place of young talents, which selects the best ones for the KVN KazNU team.
  7. "Zhas akyndar" club Students comprehend aitys - a verbal competition through which develop the language and cultures of the peoples, the ancient improvisational art of the Kazakhs, the lifestyle and signature
  8. All interested university students can be part ofThe choir's repertoire is various


  • ·         16 faculty collectives;
  • ·         more than 500 concert performances;
  • ·         100 events and promotions per year;
  • ·         Annual winning of winners and laureates titles of student festivals at city, national and international level.
  • ·      In the
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  • ·      The ART Center is the organizer of the largest events of the year - "Dedication of freshmen to students", "Khosh keldin, az-Nauryz!".


The head of the ART-CenterSartbay Zhanar Ushkempirovna. Address : Almaty, Timiryazev str., 43, U.A. Zholdasbekov Palace of Students, 312 off. Tel.: 221-13-33 (13-33) +77075628504. E-mail: zhanar.sartbay@gmail.com