Student medical center

Student medical center in al-Farabi KazNU was organized in 1976 to provide medical care to students.

Medical center operates in accordance with a plan approved by the chief doctor of the student clinic.

Medical center performs the following activities:  

  • Conducts preventive vaccination; -Monitors the students, which had been in contact with infectious patients;
  • Appoints outpatient ccording to the schedule of work;
  • Conducts injury prevention (accounting and analysis  of injury) .
  • Conducts preparatory arrangements for preventive medical examinations and examinations in accordance with the orders and instructions of the health authorities.

The following experts consult in medical center:

  • Dentists .
  • Psychologist .
  • Gynecologist .
  • Therapist

This list of services and the provision of emergency medical assistance is free of charge for students

Al-Farabi KazNU.

Medical Centers schedule from 9 00- 18 00: daily (except Saturday and Sunday).

Phone: 221-13-00