Academic Internet-Center

Academic Internet-center was created to provide a unified operation of telecommunication system of the University, the implantation of the Intranet / Internet - technologies in scientific, educational and administrative activities of the University.

Youth Internet center with 300 seats is open from early morning to late evening, it provides all modern Internet services.Internet-center specialists are working on providing access to information resources (Internet) for students, on providing students with additional information services, on formation of social networks and the student portal " Student Life ", the functioning of local information and computing center мnetworks , support and maintenance of student projects provision on providing electronic and information services.

The Internet-center is equipped with computers, which is a multi-workstation with installed text editors, spreadsheet editors, graphic packages and many others.

All computers are connected to a global network by high-speed Internet channel. Not only fast and convenient access to the Internet is offered to the visitors of the center, but also a variety of related services, including gaming computers. You can work independently and get advice from experts. There is the possibility to print or photocopy required documents or graphics in the center. Photocopying and printing provide all the functionality of modern imaging equipment.

Address: Almaty, al-Farabi ave., “Aitumar” Catering Combine, 3-d floor.

Contact phone: 247-16-17 ext. 1277

Working hours:

Mon-Fri 9:00-21:00

Sun-Sat 10:00-22:00