Start-up is a newly created company (perhaps not even having the status of a legal entity) being at the stage of development and building its business either on the basis of new innovation ideas or on the basis of just appeared technologies.

The main resource for creation of a new start-up is a good innovative idea.

Al-Farabi KazNU provides comprehensive support for start-up companies, which is provided through Student’s Business Incubators at faculties, the all-university Business Incubator and the Science and Technology Park.

Every year the competition for innovative projects of Student’s Business Incubators is held at the university. There are more than 20 Start-up companies at the University.

In the Republic of Kazakhstan the support of startup companies is provided through the Innovation Cluster Tech Garden whose executive body is the Autonomous Cluster Fund (ACF), which has a financial instrument to support innovation activities of participants from the fund's resources, formed mainly from subsoil user contributions, foundations and development institutions.