Cluster of engineering and high technologies

Cluster of engineering and high technologies

Al-Farabi KazNU continues adaptation of world experience in creation of areas of high-tech productions in the conditions of Kazakhstan. Thus, in 2016, for the further development of research and development potential, as well as for development of new production technologies in science-intensive technologies, the cluster of engineering and high technologies was created, including the Science and Technology Park, the Center for Process Innovations (Center for Engineering and commercialization) and the Center for «Green technologies».

The Science and Technology Park is aimed at supporting innovative developments of university scientists and creating favorable conditions for growing start-up companies among students of KazNU. More than 20 start-up companies, 12 student business incubators, 6 laboratories and 6 research centers operate on the basis of the Science and Technology Park.

The Center for Process Innovations (Center for Engineering and commercialization) was established in order to attract domestic and foreign representatives of science and business for joint implementation of R&D, implementation of system of continuous professional development of the faculty of the university. The Center carries out the execution of orders under the contractual projects with high-tech modern equipment.

The Center for «Green technologies» is a urban "MINI-EXPO" for implementation of innovative projects on «green energy», and for training of specialists of a new formation based on modern technologies and science-intensive engineering, with using various technologies for obtaining energy: wind, solar, hydro and geothermal, and biogas power. For this purpose, the activity of all necessary alternative energy sources has been accumulated in the center's territory: heat pumps, a biogas plant, wind generators.

According to «Plant Factory» innovative technologies, an energy-efficient greenhouse was created for growing flower-decorative and berry-vegetable crops with using technological regimes of growing plant products on hydroponics. The creation of a greenhouse complex is also aimed at cultivating flowers for phytodesign of the University's SmartCity using genetic-selection and other approaches, creating a reserve seed bank on the basis of economically valuable plants, and training staff and students of the university with new methods of agricultural development.

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