The history of the faculty

Traditionally, medical personnel in the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as in most countries of the former Soviet Union are prepared by specialized medical universities. But today, the level of technological processes development and scientific achievements, the emergence of new diagnostic and treatment options require training of medical personnel and health professionals of the new generation, possessing interdisciplinary knowledge from various fields of natural and technical sciences, such as molecular biology, biochemistry, biophysics, bio and nanotechnology, bioinformatics, mathematics and other branches of science. This, in turn, requires the resources of a multiprofile University, with strong scientific basis and strategic partnership with the international community.


Therefore, the al-Farabi Kazakh National University in December 2015, with the purpose to contribute to the development of health care and medicine in Kazakhstan and to reach the world level in the field of life sciences in the near future, opened the fifteenth faculty - Medical faculty.


The medical faculty will include the following sectors:

* School of public health

* School of medicine

* School of dentistry

· School of nursing

The faculty on the basis of international standards and new scientific achievements implements training of health care personnel at all levels of educational programs - bachelor's, master's, doctoral. Additional professional development is also provided for business representatives and specialists in various fields and sectors involved in the development, promotion and implementation of health improvement and preservation programs.


The history of the faculty is short, but full of events:


2015, December. The opening of the medical faculty and the Higher school of public health


2015, December. The opening of the scientific and practical center "Innovative health care»


2016, January. The opening of a new educational program of master's degree " Management in health care»


2016, March. The obtaining an educational license and launching a master's program in " Public health»


2016, April. The opening of the self-supporting center of the Department "Surgical diseases»


2016, April. The opening of the self-supporting center of the Department of management and development of dental care.


2016, September. The accreditation by the international accreditation Agency ACQUIN, included in the national register of educational programs in the specialty "physical Education and sport".


2016, August. The student of the Department "physical Education and sport" Dmitry Balandin becomes an Olympic champion in swimming!


2016, September. The first enrollment for programs in the field of "Public health", "Management in the field of health", "Medical and preventive care" - 108 undergraduates.


2016, September. The launch of the educational program of the master's degree "Management in the field of health care" in Shymkent, Taldykorgan – 42 undergraduates.

2016, November-2017, March. The accreditation by the international accreditation Agency ASIIN, bachelor's and master's programs in the specialty "Medical and preventive care and master's degree in "Public health".


2017, February. The opening of self-supporting center of the Department "Sports medicine and rehabilitation".


2017, May. The development, licensing and launch of new master's degree programs: medicine, psychology in the field of health care, law in the field of health care, social work in health care, medical physics.


2017 September. The second enrollment of 120 undergraduates from Astana, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Semey, Shymkent, Taldykorgan.


2017, September. The admission of the first doctoral students to the PhD program in the specialty " Public health»


2017 September. The opening of the research laboratory for the study of health and environmental factors.


2017, December. The opening of the scientific and practical center of expertise and assessments.


During the period from 2016-2017, more than 100 events at the national and international level were held, including:

International scientific and practical conference "Medical and biological aspects of athletes support in the organization of international competitions" within the world winter Universiade-2017 (January, 2017)

   * International Kazakh-Austrian master class on Pediatrics (November 2017),

   * 1 international conference "Mental health of children and adolescents" (January, 2018)


956 people were trained in refresher courses, 70 people did retraining courses, 56 people participated in training seminars on public health care and medicine.


More than 15 seminars, 27 professional development cycles, 12 trainings, 9 international master classes, 5 international conferences were organized and held on sports medicine and sports, including 7 online seminars  in all regions of Kazakhstan. About 1000 specialists in sport among them 417 experts in the field of sports medicine and rehabilitation were trained. 52 foreign lecturers and professors were involved. 

2018, the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University received a license and recruited students for the specialty "Medicine". 

20.11.2018, the official opening of the "Higher School of Medicine" was held

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