Faculty of Medicine and Health care


Dean of the Faculty of Medicine

doctor of medical sciences, professor

Kalmatayeva Zhanna

Dean's address


     Sure that word health, each of us in life uses more often than all other - "be healthy", "on a health", "hello", we "wish salubrity". Simply, that Health has the special value in life of everybody value of that at the years and with age increases and becomes the index of quality life and welfare of society.

     Any of us wants to feel healthy and happy. Certainly, to "want" and "to be" it is different states, to be healthy all-round efforts are needed, and first of all from to us, to bear responsibility for the health, to save and strengthen him. Thus, the state aspires to the construction of the best and most just system of health protection that allows maximally overcoming population accessible medical services of high quality. Every society aims legislatively at the level of the state to define importance of health of nation. In our country, it is envisaged at the level of Constitution and Code about a health and system of health protection of Kazakhstan.

     Accordingly, the profession of medical worker in modern terms acquires the special value. Medical stuffs are now examined as a strategic capital, and 70% of all capital investments in industry of health protection in the world sent exactly to the skilled providing. Medicine and health protection will always be highly sought and based on permanent perfection of knowledge and practice! We will help you to get the most wonderful and humane profession and become the business professional!

      Faculty of medicine and health protection of the Al-Farabi Kazakh National university offers you the highly sought educational programs and exclusive trajectories, including the best international science- educational, clinical the practices and internships, sent to quality preparation of doctors and specialists of health protection.

     On a faculty for basis international standards and new scientific achievements that carry out training of medical personals at all levels of the educational programs are taken - undergraduates, postgraduates. Additional trade education is also envisaged for the representatives of business and specialists of different spheres and sectors, engaging in development, advancement and realization of the programs of improvement and maintenance of health.

     Two Schools - Higher school of community health care and Higher school of medicine, Center of healthy way of life operate in the structure of Faculty. For today 540 students, 174 postgraduates and 17 PhD students, study on Faculty, including 50 foreign students from Turkey, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Syria, India. More than 2000 listeners passed seminars training, courses of in-plant training and program of retraining. In 2018 there was the first producing of bachelors of community health care with 100% employment of specialists. Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, as a leading university of Kazakhstan, disposes vast educational, scientific and infrastructural resources. From 2018 University has own clinical bases: clinicodiagnostic center, Municipal hospital № 1.

     In our view, University is an ideal ground for realization of interdisciplinary projects in the areas of medicine and health protection, supposing complex approach and continuous introduction in practical medicine of the newest achievements of molecular biology, био- and nanotechnologies, bioinformatics, biophysics, and other contiguous branches of science. All these disciplines are presented at highest level in our University. Our partners are more than 30 leading world universities and medical schools. With more detailed information about activity of our Faculty, you will be able to become familiar on our web-site.

     We will be glad to see you on Faculty of medicine and health protection!