The Deanery

The Deanery of the Medical Faculty - the Higher School of Public Health performs the functions of coordination and administrative support of the educational process, conducting office work, schedules of the lessons. The dean's office supervises the work of teachers and students on the subject of its compliance with the curriculum, provides overall guidance to the scientific work of students, undergraduates and doctoral students.



Aymanova Lyazzat Bakhtiyarovna, senior specialist of the dean's office

Bachelor and Master in History, +77478390815, +77021033783,

Tel: +7 727 2211617, tel: 1617,




Karimova Saltanat Kakimseitovna specialist of the dean's office

Higher education in the specialty "Standardization and certification"


Tel: 221-16-17,

Mob. phone. 8 775 929 06 21





Baibusinova Zuhra Mustafaevna - dean's office specialist

Psychologist, Master of Public Health in the specialty "Public Health" +77072408089, Tel: +7 727 2211617, tel: 1617,



Imanbaeva Sabina 
  Leading Dean
Higher education in economics
mob tel: 87079838663,
tel: 8 727 221 1612, ext: 1612


Syrlybayeva Gulzhan - dean's specialist

Engineer, technologist, Master of Medical Sciences, specialty "6М110200 - Public Health" +77474612853, 87714155622, Tel: +7 727 2211617, 1617,

e-mail: ,




Tolebay Aigerim Erkinbekkyzy - dean's office specialist


«5B060700- Biology » Bachelor of Natural Science, «6M070100- Biotechnology» Master of Engineering Sciences

Tel: +77022575515, Тел: +7 727 2211617, Tel .:1612,