Career guidance work at lyceum No. 134



Today, only 10-15 percent of students know who they want to be in the future. Accordingly, the remaining majority, and this is at least 85 percent of graduates, choose a profession on the principle of "we will figure it out." However, when choosing a profession, schoolchildren and students often rely only on the prestige of the institution and the name of the specialty. In order to exclude the situation with a huge number of unclaimed specialists and a random choice of specialty, the teachers of our department constantly conduct career-oriented work during the pedagogical practice of our students for 4 courses. This work allows students to reveal their abilities and talents, to decide on that professional sphere, where they could realize their full potential. During meetings and conversations with schoolchildren, they receive information and advice that help in a conscious choice of profession and place of study in accordance with professional interests, individual abilities and psychophysiological characteristics.

In the photographs, teachers of the department associate professor Elantsev A., acting docent M. Kulbaeva, senior teacher Shvetsova E.V. during a meeting with schoolchildren at school-lyceum No. 134.

Publication date :  3/16/2020