Chair history

Department of BiophysicsandBiomedicalhas a longhistory of development, greatscientific traditions andactively participatesin the scientific lifeof the Republic.Many of its graduates have becomeprominent scientists andled bytheir ownscientific schools.The departmentorganizedthe merger ofthe Department ofHuman and Animal Physiology, founded in1938,the Department ofBiophysics, basedv1973year,andthe departmentof teaching methodsof biology,foundedin 1989.


Forming part of the joint Department of Dept. of Human and Animal Physiology is one of the oldest in the Biology Department. It was founded in 1938. The first chair was a lecturer N.N Pavlov, in different years, the department was headed – K.N Nurmagambetov (1938-1942 years), Professor M. Rosenberg (1942-1944 GG ), Doctor of Biological Sciences, academician of the Kazakh SSR AP Polosukhin (1944-1947 years), Sc.D., Professor MF Avazbakieva (1947-1981 years), Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor H.J Dyusembin (1981-1990 years), Sc.D., Professor K.S Rymzhanov (1990-1997 years), Ph.D., associate professor Z. Askarov (1997-1999 years. Mr.)
Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics, founded in 1973 and headed the Department Ph.D., Professor VM Inyushin. From 1980-1983 GGhead of department was Prof. AB Uteshev, from 1984 to 1999again - VM Inyushin.
Department of Biology teaching method was created in October 1989 in connection with the need to train teachers of biology, secondary, special schools, high schools and high schools.Head of department was PhD, professor of N.T Tormanov (1989-1996 years).
Since 1999, the head of the department is Tuleuhanov Sultan Tuleuhanovich - Sc.D., professor, academician of International Academy of Information Science.
The Department conducts training in the undergraduate, master's and PhD-doctoral studies.Education in Kazakh, Russian and English.General courses on the physiology of animals and humans, biophysics, and teaching methods of biology reading for all disciplines of biological faculty.
Academy of Sciences ofthe Kazakh SSR, A.PPolosukhin Professor



Assistant professor