II International festival of documentaries of the Turkic world

Kazakhstan program of the II International festival of documentaries of the Turkic world was held at al-Farabi KazNU. The event was organized by the Federation of journalists of the Turkic world and al-Farabi KazNU.

Welcoming all participants of the festival, the rector of al-Farabi KazNU Galym Mutanov noted that the University supports the relay of important international events in the University, which started at Istanbul University. This project is aimed at the preservation of national traditions and heritage, and further expand the integration of the Turkic countries. The festival was presented a film about the great thinker of the East Abu Nasir al-Farabi, who left a rich spiritual heritage and valuable writings, among them the most famous "Treatise on the views of the inhabitants of the city", "Philosophical treatises", which brought him fame in Medieval Europe. It was noted that the name al-Farabi was called the Eurasian research center, which promotes the idea of virtuous city and became the basis of the project "Al-Farabi Smart City" in the Kazakh national University named after al-Farabi. Documentary about the great thinker of the East Abu Nasr al-Farabi was dubbed at TRC al-Farabi KazNU.

According to the organizers, this project has become a powerful platform for raising virtuous citizens of the world. In this context, the role of film and documentaries are especially great, as they contribute to the emergence of the foundations of morality, affecting the spiritual and vital principles of the younger generation. The format of this festival in full compliance with the spirit of the silk road and strengthens the spiritual values and friendly attitudes of the Turkic countries.

In the framework of the Kazakhstan program of the festival held a screening of the best documentary films from Kazakhstan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia (Bashkortostan and Tatarstan). The event was attended by the President of the Federation of journalists of the Turkic world and the television channel ORT Menderes Demir, Director of the festival Duran Sahin (Mercan TV), Director of cultural projects of the municipality of Istanbul Salih Dogan (Turkey) and other foreign dignitaries, as well as film critics and filmmakers, members of the public and mass media, University students.

In turn, the head of Federation of journalists of the Turkic world, the President of the TV channel ORT TV Menderes Demir noted that this year the festival was sent to 150 works from 23 countries and regions were selected 85 of the best documentaries on topical social, cultural and socially relevant topics. "As a result of a vote of work was divided into two categories – "Professional" and "Student work". First and third places were awarded to the students of documentary films at the University of Kyrgyzstan. Second place went to students of the Chuvash Republic". In the category of "Professional documentaries" first and second place was awarded to filmmakers from Turkey. Third place was awarded to professionals from Bashkortostan. International festival of documentaries of the Turkic world held in leading universities in six count.

Publication date :  11/4/2017