Global University Summit

During the work of the Global University Summit aimed at improving the competitiveness of domestic higher education and the export of educational services, preliminary agreements were established with the guests of the summit on the following issues:

1)   attracting representatives of foreign universities and organizations as academic experts,

2)   joint training of undergraduate and doctoral students,

3)   academic mobility of students and faculty,

4)   Scientific management of doctoral students KazNU. al-Farabi as overseas consultants,

5)   conducting joint research and publishing their results in high-ranking journals,

6)   Internships for undergraduates and doctoral students.

The Department of Meteorology and Hydrology has achieved the following results:

Preliminary arrangements have been made with the Vice-Rector of the University of Ca-Foscari (Università Ca 'Foscari Venezia - Venice, Italy) Tiziana Lippiello for scientific guidance. 1st year doctoral students Beldeubaev E. and Kisebaev D. studied within the framework of academic mobility for 1 semester in this educational institution. I really liked the attitude of the leadership and teachers of the university towards foreign students, so I would like to continue cooperation in this direction.

In addition, they discussed the possibility of scientific internships for undergraduates and student exchange within the framework of academic mobility.

A meeting was held with the leading soil scientist of Japan, Dr. Teruo Higashi, who represented the University of Tsukuba, and was responsible for international relations. He also works at the Office of Global Initiatives and coordinates the Campus in-Campus (CiC) global university project.

During the meeting, issues of research on desertification and land degradation were discussed. I was interested in the approach to studying desertification through climate change and the further response to water resources. Preliminary arrangements: exchange of information on specialists and possible participation in joint scientific research.

Representatives of the University of Gaja Mada (Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia) through the research center "Analysis of natural disasters" implement a program to conserve water resources. In addition, they are engaged in agronomy. Professor Agus Suharyanto is a specialist in Water Resource Engineering. Currently, together with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, they plan to launch a project on climate change and its further impact on water resources and irrigated agriculture in Africa. Young specialists are selected for participation in the project and training in doctoral studies.

Representatives of the Beijing Normal University (Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China) spoke about the current double-degree educational program Environmental Science and Engineering, which addresses issues of climate change and water resources. They suggested contacting the program coordinator.

Teachers of the department took an active part in establishing contacts with representatives of Springer Nature magazine. Previously agreed with the licensed manager of "Springer Nature" Alexandrova I.A. organize short-term courses on writing scientific articles.

Representatives of Moscow State Technical University. N.E. Bauman was introduced to promising areas in the field of environmental monitoring, emergency management, early warning of natural disasters. We outlined the prospects for the development and implementation of a joint educational program in the field of emergency analysis for the Committee on Emergencies of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Dean of the Faculty of Geography and Nature Management Salnikov V.G. gave an interview about the Summit's work to discuss the development of the competitiveness of domestic higher education and the export potential of educational services.

Publication date :  9/21/2019