The staff of Geography and Environmental Management Faculty of the al-Farabi Kazakh National University




Doctor of geographical sciences TALANOV EVGENIY ALEKSANDROVICH

with the highest award "Debris Association" - a medal named after S.M. Fleischman

and the 45th anniversary of work on the study of conditions

in the mountainous regions of Eurasia



Your enthusiasm, professional dedication and the achieved scientific results on modeling and forecasting mudflow risk, assessing the risk of natural disasters serve as a model for imitation in solving problems at the interdisciplinary level of interaction of the geospheres (atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere) and socio-economic systems. For 23 years of work at KazNU, you have successfully transferred your experience and knowledge to young professionals.

We wish Talanova E.A. further success in scientific and pedagogical activity.

Publication date :  2/5/2019