Achievement of the professional status of SELEVIK is prestigious and honorable

The inter-regional public organization “The Debris Flow Association” (Debris Flow Association) was created on the basis of the decision of the constituent meeting of May 17, 2005 ( ). Members of the Association can be Russian and foreign scientists and specialists working in the field of research of mudflow processes ( ). Outstanding foreign and Russian scientists and specialists who have made a primary contribution to the development of selenium studies can be elected as honorary members.

Al-Farabi Kazakh National University is included in the list of organizations of the “Debris Association”, and the membership is supported by Doctor of Geographical Sciences E.A. Talanov ( ).

At the closing ceremony of the 5th international conference (October 1-5, 2018, Tbilisi), the presentation of the highest award of the Mudflow Association - the medal named after S.M. Fleischman (GEORISK. Vol. XΙΙ. No. 4/2018. P. 6-10).

O. Natishvili (Georgia), R. Genevois (Italy), E. Talanov (Kazakhstan) and D. Znamensky (Brazil) were awarded for merits in the field of mudflow and development of international cooperation. (Extract from the minutes: President of the Mudflow Association Chernomorets S.S., Vice-President Zaporozhchenko E.V., Scientific Secretary E. Saverniuk

By the decision of the members of the Presidium of the Mudflow Association, the date, July 19, of the annual celebration of the Day of Selevik ( ) was set. This decision was supported by the professional community at the 5th international conference (October 1-5, 2018, Tbilisi).

Publication date :  1/18/2019