Play "The Black chopon"

Visit of premiere “Kara Shekpen” in Youth Theatre on 25 february 2015 by 1st year students of International Relationship Faculty of Kazakh National University named of al-Farabi under the guidance of Candidate of Philology, associate professor Umyrbekova Roza Kaldybekovna.

Performance of the Ossetian playwrighter Georgy Khugayev "Черный чекмень" was created in honor of the announcement of our cultural capital – Almaty city as "The capital of Islamic culture-2015", and also creation of this performance is connected with instructions of the Ministry of Culture and sport of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

With all occupying it alive and lifeless Earth, the most powerful, the cleverest and beautiful is a Person …

And we, do we really deserve this "rank"?!

We don't even notice as we become egoists, losing the humanity, and gradually becoming animals …

Students , having got great  pleasure while watching performance, were really happy.


Publication date :  4/3/2015