Vositatelny lesson on "Nauryz merekesі"

2015 April 21 lecturers of the Department of Kazakh linguistics held vositatelny lesson on "Nauryz merekesі."
Purpose: To introduce and consolidate students' knowledge about the beautiful Kazakh folk traditions, customs, rites; instill a sense of respect, interest in culture.

"Nauryz merekes?" - Nauryz holiday "Nauryz" Persian word which means "new day". Nauryz Holiday - March 22 - for the peoples of the East has always been the most important holiday. Nauryz - New Year, Spring Festival, when nature is reborn, equalized night and day, the feast of solidarity. Nowruz - the Spring Festival. The Kazakhs beginning of the year "Ulystyn uly kuni" (New Year's Day), "Cooney Ulys" - A great day for the people. Nowruz skin traditional new.

Many traditions over time and change of forgotten eras, but the essence of the celebration of spring and nature has remained unchanged. Nauryz spring equinox has turned into a popular New Year. And it is truly cultural and spiritual unity of all peoples, singing, dancing, having fun and enjoying themselves, marking a new period in the life cycle
Organizers: f.ғ.k., associate professor Omarov BA, f.ғ.k., Associate Professor GK Eszhanova.

Publication date :  4/30/2015