The International Summer School in Almaty

The International Summer School in Almaty

The Department of Kazakh Literature and Literature Theory of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University together with the Department of Social and Economic Sciences of the University of International Business, Tyumen Industrial University, announces the recruitment to the Summer School “Bases of Personal Growth”.

Applications are accepted for participation in the Summer School, which will take place in one of the most beautiful cities in Kazakhstan – Almaty. The aim of the program is to provide students with the knowledge necessary for the successful implementation of their abilities, to develop their leadership skills, to acquaint people from all over the world.

The Summer school includes 9 courses:

1)       Effective negotiations and bases of NLP (neurolinguistic programming): art of negotiating and public performances, polemic skill, culture of speech dialogue and behaviour, image of the orator, psychology of dialogue and basis of NLP; art of preparation of the resume and protection of a senior thesis;

2)       Self-management of the person: the art of achieving the set goals, the foundations of time management, the functions of self-management and rational planning of time and affairs;

3)       Emotional intelligence and the art of controlling oneself: the concept of emotional intelligence, its role in the professional activity and life of a person; the art of managing emotions, developing the ability to resist negative influences;

4)       Copywriting: the art of writing advertising, presentation, information texts, working with Internet resources and their content; types of copywriting, the profession of the copywriter in the modern world;


5)       Modern methods of motivation management: socio-psychological foundations of labor motivation and the basic models of motivation; the composition of the motivational profile in accordance with the individual characteristics of the listeners; consideration of the actual complex of personal and professional motivators;

6)       Training as a model of the learning process: features of the application of the training system of education in higher and secondary schools; principles of building training programs; problems of “group and role”, «“complex” participants and ways to influence them» and ways to effectively solve them;

7)       Methods of reading literary works: the basics of speed reading, the features of perception, understanding and analysis of works of art of various genres

8)       The creative laboratory of the writer: the secrets of the creative laboratory of the classics of domestic and world literature; the art of writing works of various genres and the main stages of work on an artistic work;

9)       Business from scratch: the basics of drawing up business plans and developing business projects, marketing features and ways to implement start-up, selling sites.

Timeframes and conditions of carrying out: June, 2018.

Employment are spent by leading domestic and foreign scientists, writers.

The program of Summer School includes lectures, seminars, work on projects, independent work.

Within the limits of Summer School round tables, literary and poetic evenings, the debate, the open presentations of works of workshops are spent; excursions in scientific institutes, museums, libraries, excursions on Almaty and to its vicinities.

After termination of Summer School certificates protrude.

Languages of training: Kazakh, Russian, English.

Requirements for candidates:

The Summer School can take part:

• Candidates from all countries of the world

• Candidates who speak Kazakh, Russian or English.

To participate in the Summer School, it is necessary:

to fill online application:

Cost of training: The information about starting dates and costs of programs you can receive, asked your question via phone or e-mail.

Residing and a feed: Listeners of Summer School study and live in a campus and can use all resources of University or campus, including library, a sports hall, Internet.

The detailed information about Summer School can be received to the address of: 050040, Almaty, Al-Farabi avenue, 71, Faculty of Philology and World Languages, Department of Kazakh Literature and Theory of Literature (cabinet 323, 325); telephone: +7 (727) 3773339 (+1328, 1330), e-mail:,

Publication date :  3/30/2018