"Where are the languages? On the Philology!"

September 24, 2014 at the Faculty of Philology, Literary Studies and World Languages in celebration of the Day of languages of the peoples of Kazakhstan defended project "House of Languages." The celebration, organized by assistant professor of Russian philology, hand and world literature J.S. Abayeva, E.R. Kogay and I.Y. Yuritsyna, students took 1, 2, 3, 4 courses, students majoring in "Russian philology", "Russian Language and Literature" and "Kazakh philology".

Future bachelors presented five creative projects. Each of them reflected the unique vision of the House, in which he lives Language.

For example, future teachers of Russian language and literature "build" multi-storey building, where each tier takes the family of linguistic units: phonemes, morphemes, words, phrases and sentences.

The second group - specialists in Russian philology - in no way advocating smoking, "lit", together with six world languages "peace pipe".

Another three houses were created for all languages, living in Kazakhstan. The authors of the architectural masterpieces - students of Russian and Kazakh Philology offices - creatively comprehended the idea of a single House for a friendly family of languages, living in our home.

Throughout the holiday at the Faculty sounded poems in Kazakh and Russian languages, symbolizing the close relationship of all the peoples of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


Publication date :  3/14/2015