"Great way to start with the first step"

Teachers of the department of Russian philology, Russian and world literature Chekina EB, Turebekovoy RS, Ainabekova GB, Hayrushevoy EE at the Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology was organized Student Conference in Russian on topical problems of biology and biotechnology - "Biology and life." The conference was a continuation and partly the result of joint activities of students and teachers in the course "Professionally-oriented Russian language."

It took place in two stages: the first stage - in groups, the winners of the first stage - 17 students from 12 groups - with lectures on the faculty of the conference, which took place on 22 November 2014.

Subjects reporting was diverse: "theory of the origin of man," "Aplastic anemia in the Aral Sea region", "National Center for Biotechnology: Research and Perspectives", "Biogas - biofuel 21st century", "Leukemia: types, treatment and prevention", "Anorexia mental illness "and others.

To evaluate the performances and the identification of the winners was formed student jury.

The winners of the Student Conference "Biology and Life" at the Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology, were the following students:

I place - Ahmet Salih.

II place - Abdyhalyk Alim and Duysengalieva TUMAR.

III place - Makhanbetova Nazgul and Olzhabaeva Jeanne.

Audience Prize awarded Tulebaev DAMEL.

The winners were awarded prizes.


Publication date :  3/14/2015