International scientific-practical conference VIII Багизбаевские чтения

Dear colleagues!
We invite you to take part  in the International scientific-practical conference  VIII reading Bagizbaevskie"Actual problems of modern philology in the context of general scientific paradigm" (April 28, 2016).


The conference will work in the following areas:
 Scientific-methodical bases of educational programs in the study and teaching of philological sciences;

 Topical issues of modern literary process of Kazakhstan in the context of the integration of science and education;

 Modern approaches to teaching and learning the Russian language as the language of the specialty;

 Dialogue of languages ​​and cultures in the practice of teaching Russian language and literature; Applied aspects of language education in polylinguism;

 Translation and Intercultural Communication.


Conference languages: Russian, Kazakh, English.Planned forms of work: plenary sessions (presentations up to 20 minutes), sectional meetings (reports and messages to 15 minutes).Participation in the conference (form attached) and materials in the amount of no more than 5 pages in both paper and electronic form will be accepted until April 18, 2016 at the following address:050040 Republic of KazakhstanAlmaty, 71.Kazakh National University, Faculty of Philology, Literary Studies and World Languages, study 3-4.Tel. 8 (327) 3773433; 3773330 or 3773331 (ext. 1331).The application and the text of the report can also be sent by e-mail:e-mail: Bagizbaevskie_chteniya@mail.ruThe registration fee - 5000 tenge.

Publication date :  3/30/2016