Innovative potential of youth: culture, spirituality and morality

December 6, 2019 Department of sociology and social work of the Kazakh national University. al-Farabi, undergraduates and students of the specialty "Social work" took part in the International youth scientific and practical conference "Innovative potential of youth: culture, spirituality and morality", held on the basis of the Ural Federal University. first President Boris Yeltsin. The online format of the discussion platform was presented with a rich semantic content: youth and culture, especially relationships. Students, undergraduates, and postgraduates of the two universities showed a high level of knowledge of the topics presented and professional competence in solving the questions posed.The moderators were: doctor of sociological Sciences, Professor Kylyshbaeva B. N, candidate of sociological Sciences, Morozova T. A.

Publication date :  12/27/2019