"Foreign Practice of Prevention of Domestic Violence" Within the framework of the project "Ainalady nyrlandyr"

February 28, 2018 Kaldybek S.T., 4th year student of the specialty "Social Work" at the Department of Sociology and Social Work Practice, together with the Crisis Center "Arash" organized a round table on "Foreign Practice of Prevention of Domestic Violence" with participation of international experts within the framework of the project "Ainalandy nyrlandyr".

The main goal of the round table is to exchange experience with foreign experts on the formation of a system aimed at preventing violence against women and to carry out preventive work with people prone to violence against women, introduce existing measures and study international documents of UN Security Council resolution №1325. The guest of the round table was the chairman of the Women's Committee of Uzbekistan Marufova Gulnara Mahmudovna and the international adviser of the countries of Eastern Europe of the United Nations Ionela Khorga. With the same high-ranking officials, Kazakhstan shared the experience of protecting women from violence. During the round table, an action plan was developed in connection with the republican action "16 days without violence against women".

Location: Nazarbayev Avenue, 113

The time now is: 10:00 a.m

Heads of practice: Abdirayymova G.S., Amitov S.A., Shedenova.N.U.

Publication date :  4/3/2018