Аn educational event called «Жүсіпбек Аймауытовтың Ақбілек романы» "within the framework of the" 100 books "project.

Within the framework of the project "100 book"

 February 8, 2018 Tolendi Sh.K., 4 th year student in the specialty "Social Work" at the Department of Sociology and Social Work on Industrial Practices, conducted an educational event called «Zhusipbek Aimauytov’s  novels named  Akbilek» "within the framework of the" 100 books "project.


Venue: SKO, Shymkent, Multifunctional School-Gymnasium № 50 named after. A. Baytursynov
Time: 11:00 AM, Feb 8, 2013
Heads of practice: Abdirayymova G.S., Amitov S.A., Mamytjanov D.K.

Publication date :  3/27/2018