Discussion on the topic: «EXPO - 2017». The project "Aynalandy nurlandyr!"

At the Faculty of Philosophy and Political Science of Al-Farabi KazNU on April 3, 2017 from 15:00 to 15:50 in the 121 audiences (FIR) it will be a discussion on the topic: «EXPO - 2017». Open curatorial hour is held in the framework of the project "Aynalandy nurlandyr!".

The purpose of the discussion: Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of «EXPO - 2017»

Organizers: Associate Professor of Department of Sociology and Social Work, D.sociol.sc. Shedenova N.U., Senior lecturer Sultanova A.M,
4th year student of Sociology specialty Kagazshay A.K.

Participants of discussion: 4th year students of the Kazakh department of Sociology.

Publication date :  5/3/2017