Master class “How to prepare for the exam without stress?”, in the framework of «Аl-Farabi university - smart city».

April 25, 2016 Department of Sociology and Social Work in the framework of the university project «Аl-Farabi university - smart city» organizes master class “How to prepare for the exam without stress?” The certified coach on ICF/ECA standards Dr. Gulnara Ismukhanova will discuss about the most effective anti-stress and eidetic methods. The event was attended by graduate students of the 1st and 2nd year department "Sociology" and the faculty of the Department of Sociology and Social Work. Effective methods of stress relief, rapid methods of storing information, techniques of mnemonics, and eidetic methods for the development of imagination, fantasy and improve brain function were given on the master-class. Practical exercises were suggested for remembering of a large amounts of information.

Time: 14.00
Venue: Room #121
Organizers: candidate of sociological science, Associate Professor Ismuhanova G.G.

Publication date :  5/4/2016