"Taza Aula" event in Almaty veterans’ home.

On November, 3, 2015, at 13:30 p.m teachers of the Department of Sociology and Social Work of Al-Farabi Kazakh National university provided an educational event in the framework of “Айналаңды нұрландыр” on the theme “Таза аула”.

Time and place: Almaty veterans’ home.

Organizers: students’ curator A. M. Sultanova, 2 course of social work

Responsible: professor G.S. Abdirajymova, students’ curator A. M. Sultanova and teachers I. S. Sarybaeva, A. T. Omarova, A. M. Chinasilova, D. K. Mamytkanov. 

Publication date :  11/5/2015