Movie discussion. Aynalaңdy nұrlandyr.

The project "Aynalaңdy nұrlandyr" April 7, 2015 with the participation of d.sots.n. professor Sadyrova MS, 1st year undergraduates specialty "Social work", 3-year student majoring "Social Work" was held at the movies Kinotrening affecting social problems of people (family relationships, health, relations between parents and children, etc.).

Movies "Treasure" and "Blame stars" provoked a strong DISCUSSION. During the training, we identified problems that occur in real life, and discussed ways of solving them. We touched on educational aspects. The problems encountered in our society, such as unemployment, violence and cancer.

Kinotrening contributed to the development of students' qualities such as: expressing their points of view, to defend and prove his opinion, the disclosure of hidden talents. Total Kinotrening - fashion instantly appreciate every life and with pure intentions to help the needy.

Publication date :  5/17/2015