A sport event "Faster, stronger and higher!" was organized!

    The sport event "Faster, stronger and higher!" was held in 18.11.2017 from 9:00 to 14:00 in the sports complex of KazNU. The competition was organized by the Deputy Head of the Mechanics Department D.E. Turalina and 2nd year PhD students.

    The students from the 8th dormitory, of the specialty of Mechanics and STT, and 2-year PhD students of Mechanics Department (Kusembaeva K., Shomshekova S., Rakhimzhanova A., Berdenova B., Koldas A., Habidolda O., Gritsenko P.), overall more than 100 students participated in the competition. The competition was held in seven different sports disciplines (football, volleyball, tennis, togyzkumalak, chess, rope pulling, badminton). 5 teams participated in the football competitions, 3 teams in volleyball, 18 students in tennis, 9 students in chess, 6 students in togyzkumalak, 4 teams in rope pulling, 13 students in badminton. In the above mentioned sport disciplines following students were awarded with special prizes and "Faster, stronger and higher!" certificates.

Publication date :  12/7/2017